Anna's Hosannas!
Free Worship Resources for Use with the Lectionary
May Theme Song: "You Who Give Us Life"
Call to Worship (adapted from Psalm 116):
L:I love the LORD, 
P: Because God  has heard my voice and my supplications.
L: Because God has listened to my voice,
P: Therefore I will call on him as long as I live.
L: I will lift up the cup of salvation and call on the name of the LORD,
P: O LORD, I am your servant; you have loosed my bonds.
L: I will pay my vows to the LORD in the presence of all God's people,
ALL: And throughout the world.  Praise the LORD!

Alternate Sung Call-and-Response: "You Have Made Me Free"

Children's Sermon: "What the Heart Knows"

Stewardship/Communion Meditation: We find ourselves on that dusty road to Emmaus, reasoning and praying together, trying to make sense of Easter's promise.  Others join us on the way, adding their hopes, their dreams, their struggles.  But finally we come to the table, where we fall silent.  Words fail us now; now we must live into truth.   Just as the disciples' eyes were opened when Jesus broke the bread, so may the eyes of our hearts be opened as we are fed from this, God's table.  May our hands too be opened to offer to the world the gift of our love and our resources.  Our hearts burn within us; it is time to live in faith.  The morning offering will now be given and received.