Anna's Hosannas!
Free Worship Resources for Use with the Lectionary
Scripture Passages for Pentecost A

Theme Song for June: "As You Are One" Call to Worship (adapted from Acts 2):
L: The believers were gathered in one place, praying to God,
P: Descend on us and save us, Mighty Dove of Heaven!
L: Suddenly a noise shattered the silence,
P: Awaken and enliven us, Wild Wind of Life!
L: And over each head rested something new,
P: Encourage and inspire us, Flaming Tongue of Spirit!
L: They were released as a mighty flood on the parched and waiting earth,
P: Pour out from us, Healing Word of God!
L:  And they knew God's power, and they knew God's plan for the peoples of the earth, to heal and not to kill, to resurrect and to make new.
ALL: Be in us and use us, Cleansing Waters of Rebirth!

Call and Response, adapted from Acts 2: "Mighty Wind"

Children's Lesson: "Happy Birthday, Church"

Offering/Communion Meditation: Not filled with new wine, not moved by fear or confusion, not caught up in grief or self-doubt.  But, rather,  filled with the Fire of Compassion, moved by the Wind of Life, caught up by the Spirit of God.  So it was with that first community, and so it is with us today - as we bring our gifts before God, as we receive  God's gifts for us.  We are called to this place and beyond this place, to become a healing flood of mercy for this parched and starving world.  To this end we commit our gifts, our talents, our lives.