Anna's Hosannas!
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Scripture Passages this Sunday

Theme Song for July: "Sowing, Sowing"

Call to Worship (adapted from Song of Songs 2):
L:  The voice of my beloved!
P: Look, my beloved comes bounding over the hills.
L: My beloved speaks, "Arise, my love and come away,
P: For now the winter is past, the rain is gone.
L: The flowers appear on the mountain,
P: The time of singing has come.
L: The fig tree puts forth is fits,
P: The vines are in blossom.
ALL: Arise, my love, and come away.

Call and Response, Song of Songs 2:"The Time of Singing"

Children's Sermon: "If the Shoe Fits"

Communion/Stewardship Meditation: We come into God's house as fellow laborers in Christ.  We accept our holy work - to love, to share, to forgive, to heal.  We accept this work knowing that it will challenge us, but never oppress us.  It will stretch us, but never break us.  For the work God has given us matches perfectly our gifts and resources.   God's yoke is easy, which makes the burden light. We bring our whole selves then, trusting that God will grow us, and keep us from poverty.  We join together now to work, to be fed, and to rest in God's grace.