Anna's Hosannas!
Free Worship Resources for Use with the Lectionary
Actually, the psalm assigned for Easter is the same as the one assigned for last week.  If you'd like to use that psalm, please go to the Resource page for April 17.  Below is a Call to Worship and a Musical Call-and-Response taken from Jeremiah.

Call to Worship (adapted from Jeremiah 31: 1-6): 
L: Thus says the Lord, "I have loved you with an everlasting love. 
P: Again I will build you and you shall be built.
L: You shall take your tambourines and go forth in dance. 
P: You shall plant vineyards on the mountains, 
L: The planters shall plant and shall enjoy the fruit."
ALL: Come, let us go up to Zion, to celebrate our God!

Alternate Call to Worship, a sung call-and-response:  "Go Forth in Dance"

Children's Sermon:"Don't Despair"

Stewardship Meditation:  As Christ was revealed in the empty tomb, so may Christ be revealed in us today - revealed in the boldness of our loving, in the freedom of our giving, in the power of our faith. As the empty linen cloths were left behind in the tomb, may we leave behind the rags of our past mistakes and grudges, entrusting our whole energy and commitment to the new life Christ offers us this morning.  As Christ knew the right words to open Mary's eyes, may we also have words of kindness and revelation, to help inspire our neighbors to end their weeping, and join us in the journey.  We gather at this table to contribute our gifts and tithes to the coming of Christ's kingdom, and to bear testimony to the truth:  Christ is risen indeed - and so are we!  The morning offering will now be given and received.