Anna's Hosannas!
Free Worship Resources for Use with the Lectionary
Have a listen to my new album! You can click on the song titles below to see lyrics and hear the song. If you'd like to order an ACTUAL CD you can do it from this site.  I'm offering one CD for $10, two for $15 - in case you'd like to buy one to share.   Shipping is included. If you'd rather drop me a check in the mail instead of using PayPal, just drop me an email with your name and contact info, and I'll get back with you!
5. Jesse's Song (For Those Who Despair)
13. Amazing Grace (duet with daughter Shirey)
 The original music was written by me, and all songs were arranged by Calvin Snow.  Songs are copyrighted, and available for use free of charge in a worship setting where there is no charge for its performance.


"Arise, My Love" CD options
Stuff I'm saving for the NEXT album:
"Rise Up and Go!" - A song to rouse us out of the doldrums, to get us out of the tomb and on to resurrection.
"You Who Give Us Life" - A song calling us to worship.
"How Speaks the Lord" - A call for hearing and knowing God's voice in our regular lives.
"Quiet My Heart" - Written to accompany a sermon delivered on John 8: 1-11.
"I Am Not Alone" - A song reminding us that many accompany us on our faith journey, even though it can seem very lonely.
"Creation Song" - A simple call-and-repeat song for kids both to help them connect to the creation story. It's easy to make up fun motions with this too!
"Her" - Meditation inspired by the characterization of Lady Wisdom in Proverbs.  Written to accompany the sermon "When You Can Bear It."