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"The Old Olive Trees"
Tune “Be Thou My Vision”

Vs 1
Deep in the garden went Jesus that day,
Calling his friends both to watch and to pray,
But sleep called them away as he fell on his knees - 
Alone yet cradled ‘neath the old olive trees.

Vs 2
His heartbreak and sorrow poured out into tears
As crying he whispered his hopes and his fears,
But God touched him gently and filled him with peace
His tears falling on the soil near the old olive trees.

Vs 3
For two days of darkness the earth held its breath
Close in the stillness between life and death,
But dawn of the third day brought life on the breeze,
And blew on the branches of the old olive trees.

Vs 4
The thrill of the new birth shook all through the ground
The garden of silence now burst into sound!
A mixture of heartbreak and hope’s great increase
Now in the salty fruit of the old olive trees.
Vs 5
Fruit of the nation and hope of the earth
Still God is op-ning the world to new birth.
As we keep a vigil to the world’s pain and need,
We bear Christ's healing fruit; we're the new olive trees.