Anna's Hosannas!
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The Back Story:  This song comes out of a very troubled time in my life, following my first big faith crisis.  I had ended my first ministry, and it didn't go the way I expected.  I was hurt and confused, but mostly I felt abandoned.  Why had God left me alone?  If I was being faithful, why did I get so badly hurt?  Suddenly Jesus' words from the cross had real meaning to me, "Oh God, my God - why have you forsaken me?"  Writing this song was my way back to God, of reentering the relationship and starting a new conversation.  I have used this song as an Easter anthem as well, since it speaks of the courage to believe again, to begin again, after experiencing great heartbreak (surely the experience of Jesus' friends on Easter morning).

Verse 1
You know you were the one, the one that I believed in,
You set me free to run, broke the burden of my sin.
But when my heart was broken open, and I reached for your hand,
You were gone - I couldn't understand.
Chorus 1
Oh God, my God, why have you forsaken me?
Oh God, my God, can't you hear my plea?
You've always been my true companion, and my trusted friend,
But now I ask - is this the end?
Verse 2
Now I must decide where we go from here.
Does my heart stay open wide?  Do I give in to my fear?
You know my innocence is shattered but still might be reclaimed,
If in faith, I call upon your name.
Chorus 2
Oh God, my God, why have you forsaken me?
Oh God, my God, can't you hear my plea?
I need the freedom of forgiveness, for life where death has been,
But is my faith strong enough to bend?
Final Chorus
You were the rock of my salvation, on whom I could depend.
So I say yes - let's start again.
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