Anna's Hosannas!
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The Back Story: In the tradition of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), the communion table is a profoud symbol of enduring community and fellowship.  Our practice is to open the table to all who come, acknowledging that the table is not ours to administer or guard - but God's, who calls all of us freely.  This song came up for me as I meditated on commuion one Sunday morning, as an answer to a sadness in my heart.  I had suffered a broken relationship with someone I cared about, and I was deeply saddened that no reconciliation seemed possible.  Then I realized, at this moment, they too were gathering around a communion table.  Even though we seemed to be separated, we were eating the same loaf, drinking the same cup. God's mercy extended to both of us, and connected us.  Despite all outward appearancees, then, all was well between us.  Each verse reflects on a different relationship dynamic, each of which presents its own difficulties - but all of which can be healed and resolved at God's great feast of fellowship and love.
Verse 1
My  heart is longing for you, now that you are far away,
I miss the music of your laughter, I miss the things you used to say.
I know that you're not here now, but somehow in this place 
As we join in prayer and feasting, I can almost see your face.
We're at the same table, 'cause we know God is able
To span the gulf, rewrite the end, to piece us all together again.
We break the bread, the wine is poured, what once was is now restored,
We're at the same table.
Verse 2
Painful feelings came between us when our hearts were turned to stone.
Though we know we need forgiveness we can't find our way back home.
Though we're lost and undecided, still we know that God is sure.
Now our fears might still divide us, but God's love will endure.
We're at the same table, 'cause we know God is able
To close the rift, to heal the heart, to give our lives a brand new start.
What was broken now is healed, and God's full grace has been revealed,
We're at the same table.
Verse 3
Though we've never been together and are divided by the sea,
Still those who try to lead us, they will call us enemies.
Though much can come between us, in the distance and the fear,
Still our God will own and claim us when we are gathered here.
We're at the same table, 'cause we know God is able
To cross the miles, to weave our souls together in one glorious whole.
Though the world may  never see, we are all God's family.
We're at the same table.
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