Anna's Hosannas!
Free Worship Resources for Use with the Lectionary
Rise up and go!  Despair is not your dwelling place,
Fear is not a fitting place for you to lay your head.
Rise up and go!  The valley's dark and fright-ning,
But see the path is light'ning, for God will bring us home.
Rise up and go!  Rise up and go!
Verse 1
Soon and very soon we're going to find green pastures,
We'll find a safe and covered place to pitch our tents and rest.
Fear not,  I know your heart is sick with grief and  yearning
But see - here comes a turning; soon we'll find we're blessed.
Verse 2
Weak and out of breath, we stumble and we fall down,
It would be so easy just to lie right down and die.
Still God bids us forward, bringing us to courage,
When our feet are weakened, God will give us wings to fly!
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