Anna's Hosannas!
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The Back Story: I wrote this song my final year in seminary, for our closing worship time together.  It expresses the amazing truth of ministry, that, as we are healed, we become instruments of healing for others.  And, as we offer healing to others, we ourselves are healed even more profoundly.  Gospel living is not a zero-sum equation: one gives while the other takes.  It is a relationship of transformation, in which all of us encounter God's love together - and all of us are brought into deeper healing and freedom.
Tune of “Wayfaring Stranger”

Verse 1:
Fire-Starter God, you found me struggling, trapped in the frostbite of despair,
You breathed in me ruah of longing, and warmed me in your flame of care.
Fire-Starter God, you light my pathway, through shadowed death you call my name.
As I minister in darkness,  make of me your living flame.

Verse 2: 
Bread-Maker God, you found me hungry, my stomach empty, begging food,
You showered manna all around me, and in compassion called me good.
Bread-Maker God, in valleys empty you fill me ‘til I know your taste  
As I travel with the starving make of me your bread fresh-baked.

Verse 3: 
Well-Seeker God,  you found me thirsty,  my throat so parched I could not speak.
You touched the dry rock of my Sinai, made water flow so cool and sweet.
Well-Seeker God in arid deserts your pour in me your liquid dream.
As I journey with the hurting, make of me your healing stream.

Verse 4: 
May God of Flame, and God of Water, and God the Baker of the Bread,
Find you on your path of silence, and fill you with a song instead.
So if you travel in the desert, in mountains steep or valleys lone,
May God’s love wrap gently o’er you, so you know you’re always home.