Anna's Hosannas!
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The Back Story:  A few years ago I was watching the movie Into the Wild.  It's based on a true story about a young man who decides to cut off all ties with society and live in the Alaskan wilderness.  In order to reach his campsite he must hike over a dry river bed.  But when the young man decides he will return to his family and friends, he discovers that the river bed is flooded.  He can't get home.  Watching this scene brought tremendous heartbreak to me - to be stuck on the other side of an abyss, unreachable, unseen and unheard.  It reminds me of my own fears of going "too far" in relationships with family and friends, and with God.  This is a basic relational fear - how far can I push it before I've gone too far?  Before I become unlovable, unrecoverable - and get abandoned?  The scripture has an answer for this fear in the parable of the prodigal son.  Jesus tells the story so vividly that we can make no mistake: this son has done everything possible to alienate his father and trash the relationship.  He travels far, far away from his father's influence - both in geographical distance and in moral distance.  Yet, when he returns the father is waiting.  The message is clear: there is nothing we can do, nowhere we can go, that is too far away.  We're just not in charge of this relationship. God is too big for us to escape, and too loving to ever give up.
Verse 1
So you've set out on your own, trading bread for stone,
You tell me that there's nothing left to say,
But when you change your mind, I won't be hard to find,
You'll see I've been with you all the way.
If you fall off the edge, I will catch you,
If you slip from the brink, I will reach you.
There's nowhere you can go, my little wand'ring child,
That I will not bring you home.
Verse 2
It matters not your choice 'cause I can hear the voice
Of the deepest part of you that's sounding clear,
"Love me, never leave!" your wounded soul does plead,
I know your need and promise to be near.
Verse 3
Even through valleys of death I'm closer than your breath,
My love for you eternally abides.
Weeping lingers through the night, but with the morning light
You will see I've never left your side.
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