Anna's Hosannas!
Free Worship Resources for Use with the Lectionary
Verse 1 
I know my God is calling, and asking that I see,
Brokenness and suffering, but it's too hard for me.
I want to hide myself away in the darkest cave of night,
Close my hearing to the call and shut my eyes up tight.
But somewhere deep inside me my heart turns back around- 
I hear the voice of millions, whose prayer forever sound.
I don’t need to see you to know that you are there
I don’t need to hear you - my heart can feel your prayer.
And when the rend is mended, when the wall comes tumbling down
We’ll rejoice with gladness in the power that we've found.
When my soul is weary, and I’m faced with hearts of stone,
I will remember - I am not alone.

It's easy to forget those who've gone before,
Those who stand behind me, those who hold the door;
“I'm the last one faithful,” cried Elijah in despair.
I will not be Elijah - I know that you are there.
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