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Verse 1
There in the beginning when God spoke the world, dancing the light of its birthing,
She broods o'er the waters and she broods in our hearts, calling the new life to start.

Now see her stand in the marketplace trying to be heard,
And hear her call from the mountaintop, singing the Word,
Now feel her whisper in the silence of ev'ry waiting soul,
For in her speaking the world is made whole.

Verse 2
"Listen now, you children bound for the Promised Land, I know the path you must follow,
Leaving all behind, emptying your soul, You are growing stronger every day."

Verse 3
"Have faith, my beloved, in the promise of your birth, Your God is near, ever present,
Destined for the light, lifted of your load, You become the path that others follow."

If you'd like a score for this piece, just let me know.  I'll get it to you as soon as possible.