Anna's Hosannas!
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The Back Story: I wrote this song the night before a funeral.  My cousin, an attractive young man with a loving family, had committed suicide.  I was struck by how confusing it all seemed, how deeply wounded the family was - more so than they could possibly register just then.  Although I was a young minister, I came to my cousin's home with no expectation of doing anything pastoral; I just wanted to be present and available in whatever way I could.  Then this song came to me almost perfectly formed.  The parents courageously agreed to let me sing this at his funeral, and I believe that marked the beginning of my real ministry in music.
To the Tune "Ode to Joy"
Verse 1 
Did you think my love had left you, 
That my hand could never reach, 
Where your broken heart had led you, 
Stranded on a lonely beach? 
No, my child, I'm always with you, 
Holding you gently in my care. 
Even in the darkest midnight 
Somewhere close you'll find me there. 

Verse 2 
Even in the coldest winter 
When wild winds around you blow, 
When you feel your heart will splinter 
Seeds of love, they ever grow. 
Promise of my love within you, 
Blooming though you might not see. 
In your laugh and in your crying, 
All of you is full of me. 

Verse 3
 Perhaps you couldn't hear me calling 
But I called the whole night through. 
Perhaps you thought you might have lost me, 
But I never once lost you. 
Even now your light grows brighter 
Held by loved ones gathered here. 
Hope and faith and joy I grant you, 
And love which casts out all fear. 
Joyful, joyful we adore thee, God of glory, Lord of love;
Hearts unfold like flowers before thee, op'ning to the sun above.