Anna's Hosannas!
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The Back Story: I was reading this passage from the Song of Songs (2:10-13), and was inspired by how musical it was just in its prose form.  I've always loved the image of God beckoning, calling us, inviting us to celebrate all that life has to offer, waking us up to the true beauty of the world around us.  But, just as importantly, awakening us to the beauty within us.  When we consider the Song of Songs as a love story between ourselves and God, we begin to understand how powerfully God desires relationship with us - and how much we want it too (although we might not always be aware of it.)  Here God is awakening our desire for divine communion and true exhilaration.
Arise, my love, the time of singing is here!
Arise, my love, the time of singing is here!
The winter's gone, the flowers bloom.
Arise, my love, and come away.
Verse 1
The voice of my beloved, calling o'er the mountain,
Telling me it's time to come away.
The rain now is over, the flowers are in bloom,
Time to join the earth's eternal dance.
Verse 2
The figs upon the branches, the grapes upon the vine,
Everything about me speaks of life.
As God blesses the meadow, as God opens my heart,
Abundance and new life can come again!